Editing the Featured Collection Section in Theme Editor

The Featured collection album is a curated showcase designed to highlight key products in your store. This tool is ideal for drawing customer attention to specific items, helping to drive traffic to chosen product pages. Whether it's spotlighting best-selling products or debuting new collections, the Featured Collection album is an excellent way to promote your items effectively. This guide will explain how to manage your Featured collection section below.


1. From your Shoplazza Admin > Online store > Themes, click Customize next to the target theme.

2. Once in the theme editor, click the Featured collection section and customize your configurations.

Customizing the style of the section


Assign a collection to this section by clicking Select collection.


Click on the Select Image button to upload an image to represent the collection you are showcasing. In Library, find all uploaded images to select from. In Free images, look for the most suitable images and click Select.


Assign your featured product by clicking Select product.


Modify your Layout.

Products display

Modify the number of products displayed per row separately for desktop/mobile devices. Also use the Rows of products slider to adjust the number of rows to be displayed in the featured collection.


1. Spacing is the open area between elements and components. Activate the linkage icon and type a number (measured in pixels) in any of the 4 columns to standardize the spacing or manually adjust each input by disabling the linkage icon in the centered area.

2. Here, choose to preview on either desktop or mobile.

Layout settings

Click on the Theme settings menu to edit the following:


Editing the edges changes the appearance of your product window.

Quick shop

Quickshop is a feature that enables customers to directly add an item to their shopping cart instantly.

  • Quick shop style
    • Change to Button style and display Add-to-cart prominently.

    • Change to Icon style and add a mini icon to product images.

Show on sale label

On-sale labels indicate promotional discounts.

Savings display style

  • Change to Amount and display the discounted value.

  • Change to Percent to display the discount percentage.

Customizing the blocks of the section

Product titles

Choose between two display options for your product titles. The first option is a full display, which shows the entire title. The second option limits the display to just a single line. Additionally, there's an option to hide the product title when customers view your store on a mobile device.


Resize your images with Force image size to make them consistent throughout your featured collection.

Variant name

Create a variant name to tag your product depending on product features. For instance, if your product has multiple colors. Tag color as a variant to display photos of this variant.


Before adding a variant to a product, ensure you have previously edited your product properties. This step is necessary for the successful addition of the variant.

Color swatches

Click the toggle switch to enable variant preview photos on the collection page as well.


This feature will not work if you do not add any variant photos.

The Featured Collection album stands out as a dynamic and effective tool in the ecommerce landscape. It directs customer focus to handpicked products and enriches the shopping experience by featuring the finest and newest items in your store. Adapted for various promotional purposes, such as highlighting bestsellers or introducing new products, the Featured Collection is a key element in any digital marketing strategy. Its implementation could have a substantial impact on your store's attractiveness and sales results.

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