Adding a promotion grid section

A promotion grid section outlines available promotions in the store. Utilize this section to highlight and promote your product and attract more customers.

  • A promotion section is ideal for things such as:
    • Increase brand awareness and create interest
    • Advertising new collections
    • Enhancing the visibility of your bestseller, featured collection

Setting up your promotion grid section

1. On your Shoplazza Admin > Settings > Themes > Click on the Customize button.


2. Promotion grid sections may come as default sections in certain themes.  You can click each section to edit if you would like to use the default layout.


The example in this article is based on the Nova 2022 theme.


Adding a new promotion grid section

If you are using a theme that doesn't have a promotion section or would like to add an additional promotion section, here are the steps.

1. Click Add section which is on the left side near the bottom.


2. Search promotion grid and in the result, Click Promotion grid to add.


3. Use the Drag indicator to place the section anywhere on the layout.


4. You can edit the default sections by clicking on each one of them. If you would like an additional section within the promotion grid, click add section.


5. Clicking on the title will allow you to change the properties of the grid section.


6. In layout settings, you can click the toggle switches to enable the following.

  • Full page width:
    • this feature eliminates the extra spacing between the background and sections.
  • Add top spacing:
    • Creates extra blank space on top to separate from other sections.
  • Add bottom spacing:
    • Creates extra blank space at the bottom to separate from other sections.


Now you have reached the end of this tutorial, add a new promotion grid section via Shoplazza and show off your best collections!

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