Adding a Newsletter Section to Your Store Theme

The Newsletter section is a great tool to expand your customer contacts by collecting emails through sign-ups. With the on-page sign-up form, customers are giving you consent to receive email notifications on events from your store.

This section is useful when:

  • Promoting a new business is on the rise.
  • Customers are notified by email of promotions and benefits from your store instantaneously.

In this article, we will demonstrate how to add a Newsletter section to your store theme.

Adding a Newsletter section

1. From your Shoplazza Admin > Online store > Themes, click Customize next to the target theme.

2. In Additional sections, find the Newsletter block.

Setting up your Newsletter section

Customizing the style of the section

After adding the Newsletter section, clicking on the title will allow you to configure its details.

Page width

Enable Full page width to autofill the entire screen size.


Here you can customize the appearance of this feature by using the colour palette.


1. Test the subscription confirmation pop-up by entering an email address and clicking Subscribe.


Email addresses used in this test will be recorded under Customers > Customer Management. Please refer to here to learn more about how to view customer information.

2. Use this pop-up as a reference to customize the Popup Heading and Popup Subheading.


Test subscriptions cannot be undone and will be stored in your Shoplazza Admin > Customer > Customer Management.

3. Edit the confirmation message in the Popup Text Area.

Editing the blocks of the section

Return to the main editor to modify the heading and text for this section.

Heading block

  • Go back to the main editing page, click on Sign Up and Save and edit the default title.

  • Click the Change button to choose your preferred font style, and use the slider to readjust the size of your title.

Text block

  • Click on the secondary text block to create a short description.

  • Change the text color as desired.

Form block

  • Choose between three layout options to change the appearance of the subscribe button:
    • Square: Square button with angled edges.
    • Slight round: With rounded edges.
    • Round: Oval-shaped button.

  • Customize the layout of your button with the color palattes.

Having a newsletter section keeps customers informed about promotional discounts, sales events, and upcoming holiday campaigns in your store. You can also make exclusive offers to subscribed customers to show your appreciation.

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