Wholesale features

Engaging in wholesale business involves selling products in bulk to other retailers or large businesses at a discounted rate, rather than directly to consumers. Shoplazza Pro offers a suite of wholesale features designed to help you efficiently manage large inventories and expand your B2B wholesale operations with ease.

Important considerations:

  • Wholesale mode and its exclusive features are available only in the Shoplazza Pro subscription plan.
  • Before activating Wholesale mode, ensure to deactivate or remove the Discount with purchase app and Flash Sales campaigns, as they are not compatible.
  • Wholesale mode is optimized for Nova 2022 and newer versions, including Nova 2023.

Key functionalities of Wholesale mode:

  • Tiered pricing: Create up to four tiered prices for a single product variant.
  • Retail pricing setup: Easily configure retail prices alongside wholesale rates.
  • Mixed Lot: Combine different products in a single wholesale order.

Enabling Wholesale features

1. From your Shoplazza Admin, go to Settings > Store information > toggle on to enable Wholesale mode.

2. Click the Save button on top right to activate wholesale mode and its features.

3. Once enabled, select Go to Settings to begin configuring your products for wholesale. A tutorial will guide you through this process.

4. After completing the tutorial, you'll be redirected to Products > All Products.

Creating products in wholesale mode

1. Click Create product to add a new product.

2. Enter all necessary information, then click Next to proceed.

3. To determine your wholesale prices, click on the field under the Price(USD) column to open the pricing editor. Here, you'll be able to establish tiered wholesale pricing for the product.

4. Set up to 4 tiered prices for one product. Click Confirm when you finish your edits.

5. In the Retail(USD) column, enter a suggested retail price. If this option is not visible, activate it by clicking on the Edit Header button.

6. Finalize your edits by clicking Save.

Implementing the Mixed Lot

1. In settings, Enable the Mixed Lot rules.

2. Define the minimum quantity needed for a Mixed Lot by entering the number of pieces required in the field provided. This setting allows orders with the specified number of variants to qualify for the wholesale price of those variants. Click Confirm to save the rule.

3. Activate the Mixed Lot feature by saving your settings.

4. Refresh the page to access options for modifying Mixed Lot rules:

  • Disable: Turn off the Mixed Lot rules.
  • Edict rules:Modify the conditions for Mixed Lot.
  • Go to Settings: Navigate to the product page to mark products as either supporting or not supporting the Mixed Lot.

5. Once you click Go to Settings, a tutorial will guide you through the setup process for the Mixed Lot feature.

6. After completing the tutorial, your Shoplazza Admin will be redirected to Products > All products.

7. Choose and edit products to include in the Mixed Lot.

8. Activate Support Mixed Lot and save your adjustments.

9. The screenshot below illustrates an example of where you can input the required quantity for the Mixed Lot to take effect.

With the Mixed Lot feature set and your tutorial completed, you're now equipped to streamline your wholesale operations on Shoplazza. These settings empower you to customize orders according to your business needs, ensuring you can serve your customers more effectively. Remember to save your configurations to see them in action on your store.

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