Billing information

Shoplazza charges commission fees to cover maintenance expenses and other technical costs to continuously provide extraordinary services to merchants and empower their businesses.

For monthly subscriptions, you will be charged a 2% fee on all Basic Shoplazza plan transactions, 1% on the advanced Shoplazza plan, and 0.6% on the Premier Shoplazza plan. Please see Plans Introduction to find out more available subscription plans and associated features.

Find your billing information

You can find existing/previous plan subscriptions and commission fee invoice in Billing. To do so, please navigate to:

1. From your Shoplazza Admin, go to > Plan and Payment > Payment methods > Billing


Here is another way to view your Billing information below:

1. Shoplazza Admin > On the top right hand of your screen, click on your avatar icon then choose Manage account.


Manage subscription & commission invoices

  • Find your information separately under Commission payment history/Subscription invoice.


  • To optimize search results, you can:

1. Choose your timeframe

2. Search by Invoice number

3. Look up your specific store if you have multiple stores in your accountmceclip3.png

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