What’s the difference between a name, logo, and tagline?

A name trademark can be your company or brand name, or it can be the name of a product. It’s one or more words, simply typed out, without graphic elements.

A tagline—also known as a slogan—is a phrase or a combination of words that represent your brand’s value proposition. A tagline does not include graphic elements, either.

A logo trademark is a visual design, usually created by a graphic designer, that may or may not feature words. An important note about logos: your brand name might be written inside your logo or the design of your logo might simply be your brand name in a certain font. It can be hard to understand why a logo featuring the name or just the name in a certain font needs to be filed as a separate application to the name application. But to fully protect your brand, you must register both the name as plain text and the logo design as trademarks. See below for an example of each.


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