How to add or manage gift cards?

Each gift card has a specific value that can be used for future payments at your store. Gift cards prompt re-purchases from your customers. In some cases, when a customer returns unwanted goods from their last purchase, gift cards can be created and given to customers as reward for loyalty and compensation for any unpleasant shopping experience. This strategy greatly increases the chances of repeat purchases.

Gift cards are created by you as a storefront user and given to customers to redeem their value on orders upon checkout.

To create gift cards

  1. From your Shoplazza Admin, go to > Products > Gift card
  2. Click Issue gift card on the top right corner to create a new gift card.
  3. Fill out each section on the page accordingly.
  4. You can auto-generate a randomized, non-repeated code by clicking Generate randomly for this gift card or create your own custom code.
  5. Click Activate on the top right to send an emailed gift card to the selected customer.
  6. In the pop-up window, click to choose Preview,Edit template,New template to manage your gift card email settings and Click Activate and Send when you are ready to send an email.
  7. Refer to the Gift card main page to see created gift cards, and click each individual gift card on the list to view detailed information.
  8. Use Data breakdown to overview your gift card performance.
  9. Your customer will receive a digital gift card via email in the below format and be redeemed in your store upon checkout when placing an order.


Gift card as payment in Overview dashboard

As storefront owners, you can view the percentage of customers who made purchases with Gift cards in Analytics > Overview dashboard



Gift card templates

You can manage templates and make changes to the gift card email being sent to your customers in Customers > Notifications > under the Gift card tab.


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