Stamped Loyalty

Stamped is the reviews and loyalty platform for your online store.  It is solely designed to help you establish brand credibility by building trust and giving your customers a voice.  Adding these apps to your online store will provide great benefit for your brand along with customer loyalty.

Stamped Loyalty & Referrals

There are multiple benefits of using and integrating the Stamped Loyalty & Referrals app with your Shoplazza store. Some of the major use cases are highlighted below.

Referrals programs

You can create referral incentives based on your specific business needs with multiple reward types to choose from. Use shipping discounts, fixed amounts or percentages to reward your customers for referring to their family and friends.

Key Benefits

  • Acquire high-value customers at low cost
  • Increase loyalty to your brand
  • Increased engagement: Increasing engagement strengthens your online presence and increases the chances of potential revenue.

VIP loyalty programs

Create a VIP Program with multiple tiers, exclusive perks and discounts that match your brand needs. Reward your customers with a combination of tier entry rewards and exclusive perks: from points to discounts and free shipping. The VIP Program and UI widget is built to be entirely customizable so that it blends in perfectly with your site.

  • Key Benefits
    • Incentivize repeat purchases and increase profitability.
    • Build a meaningful relationship with your best customers, boost VIP customer engagement.
    • Drive brand loyalty.

Stamped Product Reviews

Stamped Reviews is a powerful, easy-to-use customer marketing platform that helps you capture and showcase high-impact reviews & ratings, customer photos/videos, and Q&A.

Importing reviews

You can use Stamped product Reviews as a centralized review system to import product reviews from other review services. Stamped allows you to import reviews from any source through CSV.

  • Key Benefits
    • Add your buyers' feedback directly to the pages of your store.
    • Easily increase the number of reviews and ratings featured on your store.
    • Build trust, increase conversion rate, boost sales.

Improve review quality

By using Stamped reviews you can improve shopper review accuracy with sentiment & topics analysis. Stamped enables you to choose and promote the customer reviews you single out and highlight.

  • Key Benefits
    • Enables you to post more accurate ratings and reviews.
    • Prevents you from posting false positive reviews.
    • Ensures only the best reviews are seen by your customers.

Stamped customer support

To learn more about Stamped's features, head over to the Stamped Support help center articles.

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