How to integrate Klarna On-Site Message to your store?

Product description

Klarna on-site Message and its features can be easily integrated into your Shoplazza storefront. Customized installments will be displayed on your store's landing/product detail/shopping cart pages. Advocate your partnership with Klarna to create a more accessible payment solution. Boost profitability with personalized marketing strategies to optimize your store's conversion rate.

Steps to follow during configuration

  1. From your Shoplazza Admin, go to > Apps > Click Visit App Store on the top right > Type in Klarna On-site Messaging   to search > Click Add to download.mceclip0.png
  2. Proceed to the agreement page and click Install App.mceclip1.png
  1. Shoplazza automatically identifies the correct Klarna ID and connects to your storefront if Klarna has been enabled as your payment method.
  • It is recommended to complete all Klarna payment settings before proceeding to this step. Please visit Link Klarna with Shoplazza to complete the binding process.mceclip2.png
  • You may alternatively complete the binding process by clicking Configure MID manually.mceclip3.png
  1. Complete your addon settings


Your customized installment information must be aligned and coordinated on each page. For instance, if you split a purchase into 3 payments on the product detail page, your installment information must be aligned with that on other pages.

  • Toggle on/off to display/hide Klarna OSM on your webpages.
  • Under Title, put in a preferred name for this customized installment option.
  • Manage Select locale to choose in what language your installment information should be displayed.
  • At Select installment page, choose on which page your installment information should be displayed.
  • Under Select placement, choose a writing style of the text and design. Please see the pictures below for reference:
    • With detailed installment payment information:mceclip5.png
    • Minimalistic design without detailed informationmceclip6.png
  • Under Position, choose where this information should appear on your webpage.
  • Explore visuals and other options with Theme


This integration might cause unexpected compatibility issues with certain themes. Please review your store again to ensure this integration works properly on your web pages once you have completed all steps.

  1. Click Save to store all your settings when you finish.
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