What is Coupon code on cart?

The Coupon code on cart is the discount code customers use when they are on the shopping cart page. Offering a coupon can help merchants to increase the checkout rate of the shopping cart and thereby to increase the conversion rate. To utilize this function, merchants must enable it in the coupon code settings. This way, customers can enter the coupon code in the shopping cart, see the discount amount, and quickly place orders to meet the threshold. After merchants enable the recommended coupon code function, customers can see the available coupon codes in the shopping cart.

Different promotion types are available right now, including Discount, Fixed amount reduction, and Buy X get Y. The Free shipping discount is not currently supported.

Here are what it looks like after enabling the Coupon code on cart function. 

  • Customers can enter a coupon code on the shopping cart page.
  • Customers who use the coupon code will see the associated discount amount.
  • After customers enter the coupon code and initiate the checkout process, the coupon code will be automatically applied.
  • If the items in the shopping cart do not reach the minimum threshold for using the discount code, click the Add button to display the add-on pop-up window.

How to set up the coupon code on cart?

1. From Shoplazza admin, go to Marketing > Discount codes >Settings.

2. Click to Enable this function.

3. Choose the discount codes that work best for your customers. 

If this box is ticked, customers will copy the discount code before entering the shopping cart page, and the discount will be automatically applied after customers add items to the shopping cart.

4. Click to customize the specific style and function.

After enabling the function, the system will recommend the most suitable coupon to the customer. However, the following coupon codes are excluded. 

  1. Coupons that are not shown on the product details page.
  2. Coupons that cannot be combined with other promotional offers.
  3. Coupons that are not applicable to all products.
  4. Coupons that are only applicable to specified customers.
  5. Buy X Get Y Coupons.
  6. Free Shipping Coupons.

After enabling and saving this setting, customers can see the recommended coupons on the shopping cart page. 

After customers click the Recommended coupons and click “Get”, the discount will be applied automatically. 

5. Click save to complete the configuration. 

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