Merchant notifications

There are three events that will notify you of certain activities throughout your store.  They are order, delivery,  and review notifications.  These are sent to you when they are active.

From your Shoplazza Admin, go to > Settings > Merchant notifications


Order notifications

Order confirmations are written prompts sent to you to confirm the status of an order. This feature informs you that your customer's order is being processed.


Delivery notifications

Delivery notifications are messages notifying you as the seller that the recipient has received the order.


Review notifications

Your review notification is a message and alert that informs you when someone has written a review about a product you are associated with. You will receive notifications only when a review is below a certain star rating. To customize the threshold for review notifications, hover your mouse cursor to Settings.


Managing your notifications

  • Enabling review notifications can help your store in the following ways:
    • Provide instantaneous feedback on products you sell.
    • Easily accessible from all laptop/mobile devices.

1. Hover the cursor over to the template window and click Preview to see how notifications will appear to you.mceclip4.png

2. Hover your cursor over the Review notification section window and click Settings


3. Here you can limit the stars rated by customers (on a scale of 1 to 5) to trigger a review notification pop-up.


You have now set up your notifications!  Having these set up properly will improve the efficiency of your orders.  Keep in mind that these notifications will be sent to your store email.

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