Assigning sensitive permissions to staff

As the store owner, you automatically have permissions that enable you to see private store data, such as your personal banking information, other financial information, or customer data. These permissions are known as sensitive permissions. But as you grow your business, you might want to delegate certain tasks to staff members that require them to have access to your private store data.


Only give sensitive permissions to your most trusted staff members.

Consider distributing sensitive administrative tasks across several different staff members to prevent any one staff member's account from becoming vulnerable.

Giving sensitive permission to your staff members enables you to do the following:

  • spend less time managing your business, and spend more time developing your business
  • delegate some workflows, such as GDPR requests, and updating payment settings
  • feel more confident about activating 2-step authentication for your account, making your account less vulnerable
  • distribute sensitive tasks across several staff members to ensure that no one staff member's account is vulnerable
  • release ownership of your store without complications

Sensitive permissions

The following are the permissions that expose private store data.

  • Request customer data
  • Edit permissions
  • Edit billing payment methods and invoices
  • Manage other payment settings
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