Example use cases for giving staff permission

Permissions determine the level of access that your staff members have to your store. Your staff might need specific permissions depending on their position.  Below are some examples to showcase how you can assign staff permissions.

Store updates

For any staff member that would be responsible for your store updates, here are some examples: 

  • Products
  • Settings
  • Themes
  • Blog posts and pages
  • Navigation

Content Creation

For any staff members who would be looking after content creation, here are some examples:

  • Overview
  • Analytics
  • Apps
  • Blog posts and pages
  • Online store

Orders / Marketing

For any staff members who would oversee orders and marketing materials, here are some examples:

  • Orders
  • Marketing
  • Customers
  • Blog posts and pages


If you have an accountant as a staff, please consider enabling access to all the necessary permissions they would require.

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