Subscription Plans & Payment

Shoplazza offers a variety of different subscription plans to suit your business.  Sign up with Shoplazza today to get a 7-day free trial. The trial offer provides full access to all of our features. You can always subscribe to our services at any point when you feel confident enough to start your business with us.

Payment methods

1. Head over to your Shoplazza Admin > Settings > Plan and Payment > Manage Payment Methods

2. Click on Add Payment Method on the top right.

3. In the pop-up window, choose a payment method.  You have the option of choosing Visa / Mastercard or a UnionPay card.

4. Fill in your credit/debit card credentials or checkout via UnionPay.


The billing page is where you find and keep track of historical commissions incurred and subscription invoices. Please see Billing information to learn more.

5. Review and check the box to agree with our Term of Service   before you press Confirm.


Shoplazza accepts payment via Mastercard/Visa/Unionpay. Unionpay, also known as China UnionPay, is a well-known payment processor and banking services provider based in China. Some UnionPay credit cards are also affiliated with American Express/Mastercard/Visa to be used internationally.

Managing your plans

1. You can find your current plan subscription under the Plan section. Subscriptions on Shoplazza are automatically renewed at the beginning of each billing cycle according to your subscription terms (for example, monthly, or annually) If you decide to unsubscribe to your plan, your storefront will be closed and customers will no longer have access to your store


Once unsubscribed, your plan is valid until the end of your original billing period date.

2. Press cancel auto-recurring to discontinue your subscription plan and avoid upcoming charges on your scheduled billing date.

3. Press Change plan if you would like to upgrade from the current plan.


Purchased plans

This section provides you a history of your past plan subscriptions. Two options are available to you here.

1. Press Renew in advance to re-subscribe to an active pricing plan before payment is due.

2. Press Upgrade now to switch to other available pricing plans.

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