Create flat shipping rates

Flat shipping rates charge a specific amount for shipping at checkout. You can create flat shipping rates for any order within a shipping zone, or only for orders whose weight or price is within a certain range. For example, in a shipping zone for Europe, you could set a flat rate of $5 for orders that are over $50.


  1. From your Shoplazza admin, go to Settings > Shipping > Manage shipping rates.
  2. Click Manage profile where you want to add a shipping rate.
  3. In the shipping zone section, click Add rate to add the shipping rate (consult shipping provider or dropshipping supplier rates).
  4. Enter a Name for your shipping rate (e.g. shipping provider or dropshipping supplier)
  5. Enter a Description for your shipping rate.
  6. Set the conditions as Based on price and minimum order price as $50.
  7. Fill the $5 as price.
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