The beginner's guide to a shipping strategy

Choosing the right shipping rates is important when creating a shipping strategy. Your Shoplazza storefront has prepared a list of default shipping rates to best suit your business model and your customers.

Your strategy changes as your business expand. You may need to carefully consider what kind of shipping rates you offer to your customers.


If your inventory has multiple points of distribution, you need to set up shipping rates based on different locations or manage to offer a standardized shipping rate on all orders.

Free shipping

Free shipping might be beneficial to the store's conversion rate. You can utilize the following free-shipping strategies for your early-stage business:

  • Absorb your shipping cost by raising the price of items.
  • Offering price-break discounts with free shipping.

Flat rate shipping

Flat-rate shipping allows you to charge at a single rate regardless of the weight, size, and distance a package needs to travel to reach its destination. You should ensure the shipping rate is never too high or too low to affect your profitability. Eg. 5-dollar shipping on all domestic orders/10-dollar shipping internationally.


Please be aware that your ultimate goal here is to attract customers with fair pricing and balance out your cost on shipments or other operational costs of your store. There are a lot of ways to implement shipping strategies, and you need a plan that suits both you and your customers. We highly advise you to make adjustments and try out different things and speculate how these changes would affect your turnover.

Optimized shipping rates

Optimized shipping rates allow you to charge the exact amount at checkout based on shipping rates given by any third-party shipping carrier.


To use optimized shipping, please advise your carrier about shipping rates and policies and ensure your information is accurate before adding your calculated rate.

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