PayerMax provides access to major global players in payment solutions through an all-in-one integration. With one single account, you can manage all payment channels. After connecting to local payment methods with PayerMax, customers can complete payments using the most familiar and trusted payment method. PayerMax may help you enhance your payment go-through rate and bring in many new consumers, improving your store's transaction volume. You can go to PayerMax   for more information.

You can add PayerMax as a payment channel if you have a registered and active PayerMax account. Please refer to the LinkPayermax with Shoplazza for more details.

To learn more about the PayerMax payment methods supported by Shoplazza, you can check Supported Payment Methods through PayerMax.

Link PayerMax with Shoplazza

  1. From your Shoplazza admin, go to Settings > Payments > Alternative Payment Methods > Choose payment collection method.
  2. Select PayerMax and click Link account.
  3. To finish the binding process, there will be a menu where you must enter the following information.
  • MerchantNo
  • authToken
  1. After linking your account successfully, you can click Add local payment methods to add payment methods supported by Shoplazza.
  2. When completing all the information, you can activate the channel. Once activated, you can start collecting payments through PayerMax.

Supported Payment methods through PayerMax

PayerMax is one of Shoplazza's Alternative Payment Methods. If you activate PayerMax as an alternative payment method, customers can complete purchases in your online store using local payment.

The Payermax alternative payment methods currently supported by Shoplazza are as follows.

Payment Provider

Payment Type

Supported card types



Local payment

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Turkey, Morocco, Jordan, Qatar, Oman
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