Adult Products Policy

Shoplazza reminds sellers of some of our rules for listings.

Laws and regulations: We recognise this is an evolving situation. We advise sellers to always check local laws and regulations when listing. We will continue to monitor the situation globally and provide further updates as necessary.

Activity that doesn't follow Shoplazza listing policies could result in a range of actions, such as Shoplazza requires you to modify the product description or mosaic to the picture, or ending or canceling your relevant listings, or suspending your stores.

All adult product listings MUST comply with the following requirements

  • Flagged as Adult: The adult classification will be applied for the following products and their accessories, please see the age limit of target markets.
  • New Condition Only: All Sexual Wellness products must be in “New” condition only. 
  • No Nudity: Products must not contain any form of nudity that crosses the threshold of pornography. Nudity is defined by the criteria of male/female genitalia, anus, or areola or nipple visible on female breasts.

When deciding whether explicit content crosses over the threshold into pornography, we take into consideration the explicitness of depictions of sexual activity or content, and may ask you to modify the product description or mosaic to the picture. 

The nudity parts need to be set up with enough mosaic to have complete coverage, while the realistic textures should be properly pixelated/blurred.

Examples of What is Allowed Without Restriction

  • Non-pornographic nude photography 
  • Non-pornographic depictions of nudity
  • Abstracted or cartoonish depictions, within reason (such as art or user manual instructions)
  • Nude art listings must include the item specifics attribute Subject: Nudes, and can only be listed in these categories:
  • Art categories
  • Photographs
  • Postcards
  • No Profanity: Use of profanity in the product's title or packaging is strictly prohibited.
  • Expiration: Expiration dates must be clearly displayed on all applicable products.
  • Clinical Tone: Any language describing a product must be "clinical" in tone—careful, business-like, and straightforward, focusing simply on product features, benefits, and adult uses directly without sexual innuendo.
  • Accurate Listings: Provide accurate and complete product information. List adult products and uses directly, avoid sexual innuendo, and ambiguous or evasive terminology, descriptions, or characters.

In addition to the above guidelines, you must comply with the following

  • All controversial content is strictly prohibited.
  • Graphic Sexual Images: Products that depict graphic sexual images in any form including print, video, and created images are strictly prohibited.
  • Child Exploitation: Products that portray children under the age of 18 (or older, depending on local definitions) in a sexually suggestive manner are prohibited.

The following or similar adult items are not allowed

  • Services implying sexual or adult activity
  • Sex toys simulating sex with animals
  • Sex dolls below 1.4 meters in height
  • Digitally delivered adult content
  • Memberships for adults only clubs/establishments
  • Adult films and video games with a rating of X, XXX, R18, or unrated for an adults-only audience
  • Adult magazines, books, comics, nudist publications, or adult anime/manga that include sexually-explicit content, nudity, or sexual stories
  • The following magazines and books can be listed as long as the listing and product don't contain nude images or explicit content: Playboy, Playgirl, Mayfair, and Penthouse.

Applicable laws or shipping restrictions.

For more information on the standards of  adult products, please refer to ISO 3533  .

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