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You can manage the following in the Dashboard

  • View a list of all created keys
  • Create a new key
  • Edit/delete existing keys

Any user with Developer or Admin permissions can view or create keys, but only users with the Owner permission are able to edit or delete existing keys.

You can only create keys for the entity and its processing channels that you have access to in the Dashboard. This is controlled by your Owner or Admin role.

To create a key

  1. Sign in to Dashboard   and go to either Developers > Overview or Developers > Keys.
  2. Select Create a new key.
  3. Select the type of key you want to create.
  4. Make a description. This will help you identify what the key is used for.
  5. Scopes grant access to specific APIs. For secret API and access keys, we automatically assign all scopes by default for convenience. If you want to limit the scopes a key has access to, use the Customize option.
  6. Depending on your selected scopes, select an entity and, optionally, a processing channel. By default, a key will be assigned to allow any processing channel. Alternatively, you can manually assign up to 25 processing channels to a single key.
  7. Select Submit to create the key. For secret API and access keys, copy the secret value securely – you will only see this value here once. Public API keys can be viewed at any time after creation.

If you are in the older version, please follow below steps instead


1. Using your account name and password, log in to Checkout Hub.

2. From your Checkout Hub, go to Settings > Channels.

3. Copy the Secret Key and Public Key.

4. Go back to Shoplazza admin to complete the account linking. 

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