provides customers with top-notch payment solutions. The company delivers connected payments services tailored to your needs and helps businesses of all kinds, including yours, to adapt, innovate, and thrive.

The platform gives you faster processing speeds, market-leading reliability and adaptability, and unmatchable data transparency. The company supports over 150 currencies and supports direct use of Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and all major local payment methods.Go to   for more information.

If you already have a registered account, choose to link as the payment channel. Go to Link with Shoplazza to check out the detailed steps.

For the Wintopay payment methods supported by Shoplazza, you can go to Supported Payment Methods through

Link with Shoplazza - Channel

1. From your Shoplazza admin, go to Settings > Payments.

2. Click Add payment method/Manage, then click Search by payment method/Search by payment provider.

3. Navigate to, then click Activate.

4. On the Manage page, you can choose to enable Credit card and Google Pay.

Link with Shoplazza - Credit card

1. In the Credit card section on the channel manage page, fill in Account information (Secret Key , Public Key and select the Account Type).


There are two types of platform supported by

  • ABC platform: This platform is the previous version that only supports single entity-based payment.
  • NAS platform: This latest platform supports new business workflows like sub-entities  , marketplaces   , and more. NAS platform supports backward compatibility.


To find out about the platform type of your account, contact your Account Manager or support team from and ensure your information is accurate before completing this process.

2. Select the Accept credit card type.

3. Select the channel supported function at Function management.

4. Click Activate, then you can collect payment through (Credit card).

Link with Shoplazza - Google Pay

1. In the Google Pay section on the channel manage page, tick the box labeled Enable Google Pay to activate the method.

2. Fill in your Google Pay Account information (Merchant Name and Merchant ID)

Supported Payment Methods through is Shoplazza’s credit card payment service provider. If you activate as a payment channel, customers can complete purchases directly from your online store without paying at a third-party checkout page.

The payment methods currently supported by Shoplazza are as follows.

Payment provider

Payment method


Credit card/Debit card

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • Diners
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