How to Set Up Inventory Deduction Timing?

By setting inventory deduction rules, you can manage your store’s inventory more effectively. 

There are two following options. 

If you choose to deduct inventory when create an order, this deduction timing will help prevent your products from being oversold.

If the timing is set to  whenplaced an order, your store can avoid inventory being occupied by abandoned checkouts.


  1. From your Shoplazza admin, go to Settings > Checkout. 
  2. Navigate to the Inventory deduction section.
  3. Select the inventory deduction timing.
  • When you select When create an order, the inventory deduction follows the original inventory deduction method. That is when the customer clicks the Add to Cart button, the inventory will be deducted.
  • When you select When place an order, the inventory deduction will happen once customers place a COD order or the online payment order is paid.

4. Click Save.


  • When a COD order is placed or the online payment order is paid, an inventory deduction will be triggered. If the ordered product is not allowed to be oversold, the inventory will still be deducted, and an Out of stock will be displayed in the order tag.
  • During the customer checkout, if the purchased product is suddenly unpublished, the order will be taged as Out of stock.

How Does the Inventory Deduction Timing Setting Take Effect?

  • The inventory deduction setting only works for new generated orders.
  • For the unfulfilled orders, when customers enter the checkout process through the recovery email to complete the checkout, the inventory deduction timing of the order is consistent with the inventory deduction recorded when the order was created. However, if the customer re-initiates the checkout from the shopping cart, the order will be processed according to the current settings.
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