How Do I Edit the Contact Address?

The contact address will be used by Shoplazza and your customers to get in touch with you by default. In your contact address, you should include the legal name of your business, country/region, province, city, address, phone number, and postal code.


  1. From your Shoplazza admin, go to Settings > Store information.
  2. Navigate to Address section.
  3. Edit the following information in the Address section.
  • Legal business name: The legal name of your business that appears on government and legal forms. 
  • Country/Region: Select your country/region.
  • Province: Select the province.
  • City: Select the city.
  • Address: Enter a specific address.
  • Mobile Number: Fill in your mobile number.
  • Postal Code: Enter the postal code where the address is located.
  1. After filling in the required information, click Save.
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