Account Management

Can I reset the login password for my SHOPLAZZA account?
How can I switch the account language for my store admin?
I just operated the store transfer, can I cancel it?
Can I make up the price difference if I want to upgrade the plan?
If the store does not renew, how long will it take to take back after freezing?
How can I report someone who has copied products from my store?
How to sign up for a Shoplazza account?
Can I pay the commission fee manually?
Will the store be cancelled if the trial expires without payment?
How to check the monthly commission fee and complete the surrender for a store that had generated some GMV?
How to use a single account to manage several Shoplazza stores?
What is the impact of the failure of deducting GMV commission?
What does it mean that the status is unaccepted in staff account management? What should I do after adding staff account?
What types of bank cards are supported for plan subscription and GMV commission fee deduction?
How to check the data when the store is frozen?
Do I need to pay a deposit for opening a store?
After replicating the store, will the theme overwrite the theme of the original site?
Are COD orders also applicable for commission deduction?
How to cancel automatic renewal?
Is there a limit to the number of added staff accounts?
What is the impact of the failure of deducting GMV commission?
Can the activity records in the activity log be deleted?
How to add a new store?
How to check the store plan and commission bill?