Store Setups

What is the difference between the two linking methods of PayPal one click authorization linking and via API key linking?
Why are the PayPal "Personal Account" and "Business Account" entries in the admin of my store disappearing?
Are there any free images available for my store customization?
Is there limit to upload images and videos to Stock media assets?
How do I bind my credit card to pay for the subscription fees and commission fees?
How can I subscribe the official plan and which plan should I choose?
How to set the transaction currency of my SHOPLAZZA store?
How Can I check the order ID of my SHOPLAZZA store in PayPal?
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How to synchronize the tracking numbers to PayPal?
How to change a bound domain?
Why it prompts "This domain is already in use, please bind another domain" when I bind a domain?
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Does SHOPLAZZA support multiple domains? How many domains could be bound to one store?
How can I cancel PayPal linking?
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How to change the logo of my store?
Where can I set up the required information on checkout page when the customer pays?
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How to set a tip?
What is Pay Later?
How to switch off the Pay Later button?
Can different stores under the same account be linked to different payment channels?
Can the collected information on the Checkout page be changed?