Themes Editor 2.0

Theme Editor 2.0 has the following new features: • Toolbar adjustment on the right side of the editor: In the theme editor 1.0, the structure of the toolbar is left and right partition; the toolbar of the editor 2.0 is the upper and lower structure. To be more precise that block constitutes sections, and sections constitute your online store. • Theme Editor 2.0 provides a bigger preview space for theme customization. • Theme Editor 2.0 supports collapsing/expanding the section to make the theme structure clearer. • Theme Editor 2.0 supports targeted addition, rearrangement and removal of sections and blocks, so as to make store customization more efficient. • Theme supported Apps: There are two types of sections in Theme Editor 2.0: Theme sections and App sections. The newly added App sections are plugins installed in the App store which supports the theme customization. Add Apps (theme supported) through sections/blocks to any location in the store, and then set up the App.

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