GMC Shopping Ad

1.What are shopping ads? If you are a retailer, you can use shopping ads to promote online and local product catalogs to increase traffic to your website or local store and acquire better leads. First, use Google Merchant Center to provide product data and create an ad series in Google Ads. Then use the ad series to create ads that run on Google to show potential customers what you are selling. These ads are known as shopping ads because they are presented in a different, more intuitive advertising format. Unlike text ads, which display only text, shopping ads show users product images, including title, price, and store name. These ads allow customers to fully understand the products on sale before they click on the ads, thus producing better leads for businesses. 2.What is GMC? Google Merchant Center (GMC) is a hub for companies engaged in e-commerce to upload their website information and products to be used as advertising materials by Google Ads. On Google Ads, merchants can use product information uploaded to GMC to create forms such as shopping ads and dynamic remarketing ads. In addition to paid advertising, merchants can also use GMC to enable free listing. 3.What can you do with GMC? If you want to place a shopping ad on Google, you must first set up GMC and upload the product to GMC. As the hub of e-commerce websites and Google Ads, GMC requires merchants to complete the following if they want to place Google shopping ads: Connect your e-commerce site with your GMC account. Upload the product you wish to advertise on your website to GMC. Both website compliance and product data specifications are subject to review by Google Shopping Ads Policy and GMC Guidelines. Link your Google Ads and GMC accounts. Enable shopping ads on Google Ads with products uploaded to GMC. Once the above conditions are met, merchants' products and websites can enjoy the vast traffic that Google attracts every day. GMC can assist merchants in placing shopping ads on Google Ads or in other Google placement channels, such as Free Listing, Buy On Google, and other Google services, to be displayed to potential leads through various paid and free media. 4.Why do you have to use GMC? Google is committed to providing truthful and reliable product information and providing users with the information they need to make informed decisions. Therefore, website and product information must be reviewed through GMC before shopping ads can be published as content to potential leads. 5.Why do I need to use Google on SHOPLAZZA? Although merchants can use GMC to upload products and link their websites, there are limits. Therefore, the Google Shopping ads on SHOPLAZZA can quickly help merchants upload products to GMC, link ad accounts, and enable shopping ads.