Upgrading Themes

<p> Shoplazza frequently releases upgraded versions of the themes that they've published on the Free Themes Library. These upgraded versions usually include bug fixes and new features.<br> The most up-to-date versions of all themes are available in the Free Themes. Go to the admin to add the upgraded version to your Theme library themes. </p> <p> You can update your online store themes as long as you or an installed app haven't made any code changes to your theme. Any customizations made to your theme using the Theme Editor are copied over and applied to the upgraded theme. These include: </p> <ul style="text-align: left;"> <li>Modified theme settings</li> <li> Modified page layouts, such as adding, reordering, removing, or hiding sections or blocks </li> <li>Modified theme settings</li> <li>New templates</li> <li>Added, removed, or modified settings of app sections</li> </ul>

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