Flash theme is suitable to mobile channel merchants, it can be applied to multiple industries such as clothing and accessories, electronics, toys, beauty and health, home and flower arrangements, etc, which meet the needs of a large number of merchants. Flash includes the following functions. Flexibly adjust the layout of theme pages, support adding a set of 6 featured theme cards developed based on mobile scenarios, support customization of pages such as home page, product page, shopping cart page, collection page, search page, etc. We've made customization easier and more efficient than ever, with support for Sections and Blocks structures, adding, editing, and optimizing each page without programming. Merchants can decorate their stores according to their own store products and brand characteristics, and customize them into their own themes. Mobile design and interaction as the starting point, lightweight to achieve easy use, ultra-fast loading speed to achieve high conversion and low bounce are the most commendable functional advantages of the Flash theme.

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