How to set up a post-purchase upsell in product recommendation App?

When a customer places an order, the post-purchase upsell preset by the merchant will be displayed, and your customers can see the recommended products. Merchants can provide exclusive discounts to encourage customers to repurchase.


1. From your Shoplazza admin, go to  Apps > Visit App Store

2. On the top of the page, click Categories > Conversions > Upselling and cross selling to find Product recommendation.

3. Click Add, check the Acknowledged box, then Confirm the installation of the app to your store.

4. Once you go back to Shoplazza admin, click on Install app.

5. Click New recommendation rule to add new rules.

6. Complete the rule settings.


If you only want to enable the post-purchase upsell, there is no need to select target products, recommendation rules, and recommended discounts. You can also tick the post-purchase upsell in the created recommendation rules.

7. Tick the Post-purchase Upsell checkbox.

8. Switch to Post-purchase Upsell tab.

9. Select the Type of upsell offer.

  • If Multi - products is selected, a maximum of 20 products will be recommended to customers.

10. Enable Exclusive discount.

  • Once enabled, discount rules can be configured. An exclusive discount code will be provided to customers, which will be automatically applied during checkout. If you don’t have an exclusive discount offer for the customer, skip the step.

11. Select an Active period.

  • If an exclusive discount is enabled, the code will expire after the active period.
  • If the exclusive discount is not enabled, this upsell window will be automatically dismissed after the active period.

12. Click Publish to complete the setup.

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