App Features & Benefits

App Features

1. Click to call widget

Easily add a click-to-call widget to your site so customers can contact you & receive support in real time. Enjoy faster ticket resolutions and more sales.


2. Buy a business phone number & make calls

Get a business phone number with our web to web (VoIp) call button service, receive international calls for free & make outgoing calls


3. CRM call center integration

Integrate with your CRM (Gorgias, Reamaze & Crisp) to analyze support performance, record calls, track agent activity and more.


Benefits of the App

1. Resolve customer issues in real-time

Capture more revenue by providing instant support to shoppers in your store. Instantly answer customer questions, allay concerns & guide them to purchase.


2. Improve customer experience

The days of your customers waiting hours for an email reply are long gone. Use EasyCall to provide your customers with a way to get the help they need faster. Improve customer satisfaction and retention with next-level support.


3. Connect multiple phone numbers & devices

Connect your different devices to receive push notifications whenever you are not logged in to the dashboard, to never miss a call. You can connect a phone number to receive calls as a regular phone call and start managing incoming calls.


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