How Do I Live Stream on Facebook?

If merchants would like to start livestreaming marketing, they need to go live on Facebook. This article will introduce you to the steps and precautions for livestreaming on Facebook.

1. Choose live equipment.

There are two ways to live on Facebook. You can use a phone with the Facebook app installed, or connect your camera to the Facebook streaming software to live.

You can live on Facebook from your phone if:

  • You can start live streaming anytime, anywhere.
  • You have no access to other devices such as computers, cameras, microphones, etc.
  • You don’t need to add on screen graphics or switch cameras.

You can live with a standalone camera and streaming software if:

  • You want to maximize video and audio quality.
  • You want to add a graphics card or other advanced features (you may require additional software).
  • Other devices such as computers, cameras, microphones, etc. can be accessed.

2. Choose a live form.

You can live from your Facebook Page, group, or event. Living from your Page gives you access to more tools and features than streaming from a group or event. You can use a variety of tools on the Page with the live video event function. If you only want specific group members to access your video, go live in that group. If you post your livestream to your Page, you can share it in a group or event, so we recommend that you live on your Facebook Page.


You can go live directly, or create a warm-up live video event for your stream.


3. Choose a streaming source.

You can choose one of the two livestreaming sources, use a webcam, or a livestreaming software (eg, OBS).

If you use a webcam, you need to enable the camera and microphone permissions, select the input camera, microphone, or perform screen sharing.


If you choose to use the streaming software, you can copy and paste the stream key into your streaming software. Take OBS as an example:


Paste the stream key to OBS Settings > Stream > Stream Key.


Click Start Streaming.


4. Create live post.

You need to create a live post for your livestream that briefly describes what your live video is about. You need to upload a preferred thumbnail for the video, with a recommended aspect ratio of 16:9. Here you can customize the audience of your live post and whether to cross-post to other Pages.


5. Start and link the livestream to SHOPLAZZA.

After completing the above four steps, you can start Facebook Live. After the livestream starts, please go to the SHOPLAZZA admin to link the livestream. Click Go live.

mceclip7.png6. Go to SHOPLAZZA admin > Apps > Live Shopping. After installing the app, click Create livestream.



mceclip10.png7. Click Facebook live and Connect to connect your Facebook account and complete livestream connection.



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