Q: What is ShukuajingBI?

Shukuajing Bi is an online data analysis and visualization tool specially created for cross-border e-commerce sellers. It can directly connect the data of e-commerce and advertising platform, summarize, analyze and display the data,which can solve the problem of Excel data dispersion, and sellers will not be limited by the built-in functions of ERP systems. The customers can analyze the data according to their own business needs. At the same time, Shukuajing BI also provides a variety of templates around "finance, inventory, advertising"  for sellers to use.

Q: What is the difference between shukuajingBI and traditional BI tools?

- A SaaS Bi,and a no-code platform.

- Replace Excel or Python to realize automatic data processing and analysis

- Support multi-platform and multi store data sources.

- Single account, multi tenant management, team sharing, convenient and safe

 Q: What is the difference between ShukuajigBI and other ERP software?

The built-in fixed analysis function of ERP is not enough to meet the analysis needs of all enterprises.

Compared with ERP, we can easily achieve:

- Help enterprise management and operation personnel to realize real-time data sharing among multiple teams, multiple accounts and multiple clients, so as to save communication costs.

- Sellers independently combine and analyze the data from various sources and comprehensively display it to the management, so that the management can view all kinds of data in real time and drive accurate decision-making.

 Q: What is the difference between BI and Excel?

BI can solve the following problems of Excel:

- When excel processes a large amount of data, it will cause the computer to get stuck

- Excel cannot interface with API. You need to continuously download the report and repeat tabulation

- Excel advanced analysis needs to write a large number of complex formulas

- Excel cannot share data in real time

- The dashboard made by Excel is complex and difficult to share

 Q: Can the product collect platform data?

We don't do data collection, only data analysis.

 Q: Can the analyzed data be uploaded to the local database?

Our products support the development of interfaces, which can be used to call and store data. Contact for further information.

Q: How do you capture the store data of an e-commerce platform?

We connect through API interface.

Q: The data report you obtained is not complete?

The reports obtained at present are general report requirements, and can also be added according to the needs of customers.

Q: Can you directly connect with the local system database data?

Yes, it needs the technology of both sides to make an adaptation, contact for further information.

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