Authorize and link your PayPal account via keys

Start here:Settings > Payment channel > PayPal

To complete the PayPal account linking, you need to go to PayPal to set up your account first, the detailed steps are as follows.

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Authorize and link your PayPal account via keys

How to Authorize and link your PayPal account via keys?

1. Log in to the PayPal account admin, click Settings, and check whether the account mailbox is activated in your profile.

Tip: There may be account restrictions on the inactive account. If this happens to your account, please go to the PayPal admin personal center to verify the email address, or contact PayPal customer service for assistance.


If your account has not been activated, please click to activate and enter the mailbox to find the relevant activation email, and click the activation link in the email to complete the activation steps.

2. When you complete the activation of PayPal, return to the SHOPLAZZA admin to activate PayPal via SHOPLAZZA admin > Settings > Payment channels > PayPal.


3. ClickActivate on the right, and select Authorize via API Keys to proceed.


4. After clicking Confirm, the account linking page will be triggered. Click Create PayPal APP to jump to the PayPal APP creation page.

mceclip3.png5. Obtain your Client ID and Secret.

After entering the PayPal APP page, please make sure that your PayPal account is logged in.

Click the created App name to redirect to the App editing page, click Live in the upper right corner, and click show under Secret to obtain your Client ID and Secret.



If there is no Create button when you enter the Create APP page for the first time, you can click My Apps&credentials on the left menu to enter the Create APP page again.

Please copy the Client ID and Secret in the Live state. If you select Sandbox,  the created information cannot be successfully linked to SHOPLAZZA for payment.


6. Obtain Merchant ID

Log into your PayPal account, and visit PayPal settings to get your Merchant ID.


7. Edit your Client ID, Secret and Merchant ID on SHOPLAZZA to activate PayPal as your payment collection channel.


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