Let Customers Pay Without a PayPal Account

The PayPal Guest Checkout allows customers to pay with PayPal using a credit card even if they don't have their own PayPal account.

Note: This feature only supports PayPal Business Accounts. To enable this feature, you need to link your credit card to your PayPal Business Account.

To enable PayPal Guest Checkout, you need to change the PayPal account settings. Please refer to the following steps to go to your PayPal account to set up the function.

1. Log in to your PayPal account. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the account, select Account Settings, and select Website Payment in Products and Services in the left navigation bar after entering the page.


2. After entering the Website Payment page, click Update next to Website Preferences.


3. After entering the Website Preference page, select the Enable


You can also click Learn More to view details about the Account Optional feature.


Please note that in some countries and regions, PayPal requires customers to use a PayPal account to make payments. To confirm if this requirement applies to the country/region in which you do business, please contact the PayPal Support Team.

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