How to Set Up the Upsell Popup of Product Recommendation?

When customers add a product to the shopping cart, Upsell popup will show up to suggest to them a list of products they may want to buy too.

Start here: SHOPLAZZA  admin > App store > Conversion > Product recommendation.


1. Create a New recommendation rule or edit an existing recommendation rule


2. Complete Rules settings.


3. Click Next to select display page, select Add to Cart Upsell Popup, and adjust the priority of the recommendation rule in the pop-up window scenario. Selecting the interface means when the target product is added to cart, an upsell popup window will be triggered, and the recommended product will be displayed in the popup window under the recommendation rule.



Pop-ups do not display products that are already in the shopping cart.

In the selection of recommended display interfaces, the pages are divided according to the scene.

  • Pre purchase(Product page, Collection page and Add to Cart Upsell Popup)
  • In cart (Shopping cart)
  • Post purchase(Thank you page)

4. Click Next to enter the Display settings.

5. Switch to Popup tab ( Only supports the recommendation rule which selected Add to Cart Upsell Popup)


6. On the right, you can customize the title, restriction, product image size, and upsell text switch.


There are two options for the popup restriction. 

  • Unlimited means that any customer adds the target product into the shopping cart under the recommendation rule, an Upsell popup window will display the recommended product.
  • Once per Customer means that the Upsell popup window pops up after any customer adds the target product into the shopping cart for the first time, and will not pop up in the subsequent shopping process until the browser is closed. After re-entering the store, the popup window can be triggered again.

mceclip5.png7. Click Publish to complete the settings.


8. View the effect in your store.


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