How Do I Add the Product Detail Reviews Section on Product Page?

Product Detail Reviews Section

The product reviews area has been changed from the original fixed position to a movable section. You can add it to the product details page, and the relative position of the comment area on the page can be changed via drag and drop.


How Do I Add the Product Detail Reviews Section on Product Page?

Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin > Store > Themes > Customize

1. Go to the theme editor and enter the products page.

2. Add the Product Detail Reviews section under the Apps.

3. Click the Product Detail Reviews section to set condition for sync, title, review description and the number of reviews displayed per page. The section can also be removed.


4. Click the color settings to edit the section color. Currently supports adding title color, subtitle color, text color, button color, reply color, reply background color, like color, and like background color, etc.

5. The style of the reviews area has been fully updated.



  • Adding a product details reviews section will automatically hide the original reviews displaying area.
  • If you delete the section, the original reviews displaying area will automatically reappear.
  • If you disable the product review plugin, the product review area will not be displayed.
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