Customer management

Effective customer management is essential for the growth and success of an online business. The Customer Management section is designed to help you oversee your range of contacts, from email subscribers to first-time and returning customers. This tool is invaluable for shaping your marketing strategies and understanding customer preferences, offering insights into how customers interact with your products or services.

Navigate to your Shoplazza admin > Customers > Customer Management. Here, you can view all your customers, with options to filter them based on specific criteria.


It's important to remember that customer contacts and other personal details cannot be deleted.

Viewing individual customer details

To access detailed information about a customer, simply click on their name. You'll see essential information, including basic details, their order history, and addresses.

The Customer overview tab

In this section, you can edit various customer details. Keep in mind that the email address of a customer is permanent and can not be modified.

The Order history tab

This section allows you to review the orders a customer has made.

The Default address tab

This page shows the addresses a customer has used for orders. The primary address is marked with a blue icon in the upper right corner.

Adding new customers

1. To add a new customer, click the Add customer button on the customer management page.

2. Fill in the customer's information in the pop-up. If both an email and a phone number are provided, choose one as the default contact method. Click Confirm to save the details.

Importing and Exporting customer information

Importing customer information

1. Begin by clicking Import.

2. To ensure correct data formatting, it's advisable to download the sample customer template as a guide. After updating your file to match this format, upload it back and then click Start importing.

Exporting customer information

1. Click Export to choose between a CSV or EXCEL file for downloading your customer information.

2. After selecting your preferred format, proceed to download the file.

This approach to importing customer data ensures consistency and accuracy, facilitating smoother integration with your existing customer database. It streamlines the process, making your customer management efforts more efficient and effective.

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