How Do I Set Up Pinterest Multi Pixels?


  1. Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin > Apps> Visit App Store> Pinterest Multi Pixels



  1. Go to Pinterest Ads to obtain a Tag ID. After logging in or Signing up, click “Ads” > “Conversions” to proceed.

  1. Click “Verify Tag” to copy the Tag ID to your clipboard.


  1. Head back to the SHOPLAZZA admin, click Add Pinterest Pixel and fill the information needed to complete the linking of Pinterest Tag ID.


  1. Go back to "Conversions" on Pinterest, click "Verify Tag" again, then enter the store URL to verify. Or install Pinterest Tag Help Center to verify whether the Pinterest Tag has been successfully installed?


  1. Pinterest Multi Pixels supports adding multiple Tag IDs.
  2. Pinterest Multi Pixels supports global or specific collection product tracking on your website.


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