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Here are some common questions we get asked about Shoplazza’s Partner Program.

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How does the Shoplazza Partner Program work?

The Shoplazza Partner program gives you multiple ways to generate revenue. You can write and publish Shoplazza apps. You can also refer clients to Shoplazza. Refer to Shoplazza Partner earnings for more details.

How do I become a Shoplazza Partner?

Simply sign up for a Shoplazza Partner account. Once you’re a Partner, you can submit apps to the Shoplazza App Store

Will there be more features coming in the Partner system?

Yes. Just as with Shoplazza, we’re continuously developing all kinds of useful features for the Partner program. We’ll keep you updated on these upgrades right before they go live. If there’s any feature or functionality that you want to see added to the Shoplazza Partner Program, then contact Partner Support.

What are the terms of service?

The terms of service are located here.

How do I cancel the program after signing up?

Please contact Partner Support.

How do I contact Partner Support?

You can contact Partner Support through Shoplazza Help Center. Partner Support can help you to navigate our Partner programs, resolve issues for your clients, and grow your Partner business.

Is the Partner Dashboard available in multiple languages?

Yes. To learn how to choose the language that you want to use.




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