TikTok Advanced Matching

About Advanced Matching

Use TikTok Multi Pixel plug-in, you can turn on the Advanced Matching function with one click, no code configuration is required for you. Advanced Matching is available via TikTok Business Tools to enable businesses to send privacy-safe customer information to better match website and app events with people on TikTok.

1.Target more people: Build bigger audiences to reach website and app customers on TikTok.

2.Boost campaign optimization: Power campaign bidding models to amplify conversion events.

3.Measure full-funnel events: Track more events with complete cross-device and cross-session matching.


How it works

Customers engage with your website or app -> Collect and share privacy-safe customer emails and phone numbers from people who visit your website or app.

Website and app events matched to people on TikTok -> Build better targeting audiences, boost campaign optimization, and measure full-funnel performance.



Matching is done using privacy-safe customer information such as email and phone number. If a match cannot be made using these data points, the pixel will try to match customers using IP address and user agent. If a match still cannot be made, then the pixel will remain single session for that user. Advanced Matching can track across multiple devices, browsers, and sessions through multisession attribution. The attribution window is 7 days post click and 1 day post view.



As per standard industry practice, customer emails and phone numbers are hashed in a privacy-safe way so that TikTok is not able to identify customers who are not TikTok users.

1.The identity information passed through the TikTok pixel will be hashed with SHA256 before reaching to TikTok servers for matching

2.TikTok is ISO 27001 certified in the US and UK

3.TikTok complies with ATT where applicable.


Identity Information Supported



Contents example


user email



user phone number



To learn more about TikTok Advanced Matching, please visit TikTok official documentation (Docs=>Ad Measurement=>Pixel=>Advanced Matching):https://ads.tiktok.com/marketing_api/docs?id=1701890906596354

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