TikTok Advanced Matching

TikTok offers Advanced Matching through its Business tools, allowing businesses to share customer information in a privacy-conscious way. This enhances the connection between your website activities and TikTok ads. When you configure the TikTok Multi Pixel app, you can turn on Advanced Matching. This feature broadens your audience and refines campaign optimization. It does this by supporting bidding models that boost conversion events. Additionally, it enables you to track full-funnel events with thorough matching across devices and sessions. This article guides you through the steps to activate TikTok Advanced Matching.


1. From your Shoplazza admin > Apps, click on Visit App Store.

2. Enter the app name Multi TikTok Pixels in the search box and click on Add app.

3. Click on Install app button.

4. Once installed, click on the Add button to add pixels.

5. Fill in the Pixel title and Pixel ID. Here you can enable Advanced Matching by clicking the toggle switch.


  • Advanced Matching is a process that enables cross-device, cross-browser, and multi-session measurement through attribution.
  • It works by matching users based on their privacy-secured information, like email and phone number. If these main data points fail to establish a match, the system will then attempt to identify users through their IP address and user agent details. However, if no match can be identified even with these secondary data points, the pixel will only track that particular user for a single session.
  • For more information, please visit TikTok Advanced Matching   by clicking here.

6. Once done, click Confirm.

By following the above steps, you can easily set up TikTok Multi Pixels and enable TikTok Advanced Matching feature. This can significantly improve your ad targeting and measurement capabilities, providing you with more accurate insights about your audience. As a result, you can create more effective marketing campaigns, tailor content to your audience's preferences, and ultimately, enhance your brand's presence on TikTok.

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