How Do I Set Up Skuowner?

1.Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin > App store > Sourcing and selling products > Skuowner


2.Click “Product crawling” to download the plugin first.

  • Get the plugin through Google Playstore and add it to Chrome.

  • Once added, the Skuowner tab will appear in the upper right corner of your browser.


3.After adding the plug-in tag, you need to enter the “Settings” page to link your AliExpress account.


4.Before crawling the product, please ensure that the AliExpress account has been added to Dropshipping Center. Otherwise crawling cannot commence and your order will not be placed. After linking the account, the shipping status of the successful order will be automatically synced to the SHOPLAZZA admin.


5.After linking the account, head over to the product pages of AliExpress, Shopify, and Amazon. Move your mouse over any product, and you’ll see the Skuowner label on the left side of the product. Click to enter the product details page, and the label will also be displayed on the left side.


6.Click "Add to Skuowner", the label's status will change to "Added."


7.After you finish crawling products, you’ll be able to see the products in the product management section of the Skuowner page.


8.Click “push to my shop,” and you’ll be able to send products to the product management page on SHOPLAZZA.


9.Order management page - the crawled order will be synced to the page for real-time order status monitoring.


10.Synced orders will link to the AliExpress stores where the products were crawled. You can place orders through Skuowner and place orders on AliExpress at the same time. Go to AliExpress to complete payment for the order, and you’ll be able to begin dropshipping.


11.If the address information of the syned order is wrong, the order will report an error, and you can edit the receiving address manually.

  • After the order is completed, receipt of the products through AliExpress will be synced to SHOPLAZZA. The order status on Skuowner will also be synced to the SHOPLAZZA admin.


12.You can set up real-time monitoring of AliExpress vendors’ prices, inventory and create reminders for yourself on the settings page. You can also add order notes.

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