Sorting products in collections

When a collection is displayed in an online store, the products in that collection appear in the sort order that you've selected. Products are sorted alphabetically by product title by default.

You can select from a few sorting options:

  • Best selling items
  • Product title, vendor in alphabetical order or reverse alphabetical order
  • Highest or lowest product price
  • By view counts, sale volume
  • Newest or oldest product, based on the date that the product was created
  • Manual, based on your own preferences
  • Importing template file


1. From your Shoplazza Admin > Products > Collections, click on the collection that has products that you would like sorted.

2. In the product list section, you'll see a Sort bar with product sorting options.  Select your preference in how you'd like your products sorted here through the dropdown list.

3. Depending on the condition selected, the product display order will change. For example, if you sort by price, low to high.

4. You can also manually sort products and then click and drag the products in the list to reorder them.

5. Additionally, you can Pin-to-top certain items so that its display position is unaffected by sorting conditions.

Sorting while importing

With this option, you can sort all of the products into a certain order, replace all existing products with new ones, or display imported products at the top or bottom of existing ones. This option is only available for collections that have been created manually.

1. In the product list section, Click on Import.

2. Click on import template to download XLSX file, where you can input all the details of products and then click on Select file to import file.

3. Once the product file has been uploaded, select one of the four import sequences under Import guidelines to start importing.

4. You can also customize view by adjusting Display settings.

5. When you're done with editing, click Save to implement settings.

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