How Do I Get ShareASale Merchant ID?

1.  Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin > Apps  > Visit App store > ShareASale. Click Add to add the App to your store.




2. If you already have a ShareASale account and log in to the ShareASale platform, the ID in the upper left corner of the homepage is your ShareASale Merchant ID.


3. If you have not registered a ShareASale account before, please go to the ShareASale platform to register an account.


4. When registering, fill in the domain of your Shoplazza store (for example


5. Select "Sales Program" for account commission type settings.


6. Select "Developer Install" for the tracking code installation mode, and copy the Merchant ID in the upper left corner.


7. Paste the Merchant ID to the ShareASale plugin in SHOPLAZZA admin and click bind.


8. Complete the binding, the tracking code has been added, return to the ShareASale to continue the registration process.

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