Adding and Updating products

Keeping your online store's inventory updated and dynamic is key to attracting and retaining customers. This guide focuses on the simple and effective process of adding and updating products, ensuring your store's offerings are always current and appealing.

Adding products and variants

1. From your Shoplazza admin > Products > All products, click Create product.

2. Fill in the basic information and attributes about your product.

  • Product attributes include:Published: When turned on, it changes product status to active.
  • Requires Shipping: if you're charging a shipping fee, fill in product weight to calculate shipping fee.
  • Charge tax on this product: Apply if the product is taxable.
  • SPU: Standard Product Unit i.e. products with same attributes and features.
  • Virtual sales: By enabling virtual sales, sales data displayed includes actual sales and virtual sales.
  • Collections: Select a collection by clicking Select collectionsyou can then search, select or create a collection.
  • Tag: Enter tag and confirm.Use a comma to separate different tags. Click Save to make it easier for future reference.
  • Vendor: Enter vendor name/URL. You can manually enter the info and click Save for future reference.
  • SEO (click to view SEO details): click Edit website SEO and fill in the homepage title, SEO description, SEO links, and SEO keywords. You can click "View" to preview info displayed after you save your modifications.

3. Click Nextto set up media and variants.

Adding media

1. Click the Eye icon to view image.

2. Click ALT to add a short SEO description to image and improve the shopping experience for the visually impaired.

3. Click the Trash icon to delete image.

4. Drag images to change their display order.


The first image you upload will be the product cover image.

Adding variants

1. Create product variants for options like size or color.

  • Single Variant: Choose a single variant or clear all.
  • Multiple variants: Add several variants, optional image inclusion.
  • Inventory tracking: Stock auto-adjusts with purchases and returns. Enable Sell When Out of Stock if needed.
  • Note required: Enable making notes for your products.

2. Fill in the detailed information in this section.

  • Price: Enter the amount at which you are selling your product. This is the amount the customer will pay.
  • Compare at price: Provide the original price of the product or the price at which it is sold at other places. This is used to show a comparison and make your sale price more attractive.
  • Cost per item: Enter the total cost involved in creating, storing, or acquiring a single unit of a specific product.
  • Weight: Fill in the weight of a single unit of the product. This is often used to calculate shipping charges.
  • Inventory: After setting up inventory tracking, inventory data will automatically change when customers buy and return goods.
  • SKU: Add SKU according to product attributes.
  • Bar code: Add according to actual product barcode.

3. When you're done editing, click Save to put the changes into effect.

Updating Products and Variants

After you've created products, you can edit them to change their descriptions, prices, and any other product details. Although you can change your product details at any time, the changes can affect your reports.

1. From your Shoplazza admin > Products All Products, switch over to All and click on the Pen icon to edit the product.

2. Update the product title, subtitle, description, and all attributes here.

3. For multi-variant products, you can check the Multiple variants box to add or edit variants.

4. When you're done editing, click Save to put the changes into effect.

Regularly updating your product catalog is important for maintaining a dynamic and successful online store. This approach streamlines inventory management and ensures that your offerings stay attractive and relevant to your audience. With these easy steps, you can keep your store's inventory fresh, enhancing the overall shopping experience for your customers.

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