Viewing and Searching After-Sales orders

In the After-Sales Order section of your Shoplazza Admin, orders that have been refunded or canceled are visible. This section allows you to process these orders while maintaining their historical record.

Searching After-Sales orders

1. Head over to your Shoplazza admin > click Orders > After sales.

2. In the Post-sale section, orders are sorted into four categories by status: Pending, Processing, Complete, and Closed.

3. Use various search filters to find orders. Click Search to display the desired order on the page. Filters include:

4. You can also edit the header field of the order list to show the filtered orders.

Viewing After-Sales Order details

1. Head over to your Shoplazza admin > Orders > After sales. Choose the order you want to view details.

2. On the order details page, you'll find:

    • After service order information: Processing time and Remarks.
    • Order information: Subtotal, Shipping, Tax, Total price, Total items, and Tags.
    • Customer information: Name, Email, Phone number, Order history, Items purchased, Total spent to date and Customer tag.

The After-Sales order section is instrumental in managing the processing of orders that have been canceled or refunded, ensuring a transparent history is maintained for each order.

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