How do I enable Breadcrumbs for my store?

Breadcrumbs are a navigational aid that allows your customers to keep track of their current location on your website. A breadcrumb trail displays the page a customer is currently on and its relation to the pages they visited before it, or the hierarchy of higher level parent pages above the current page. Using breadcrumbs can help improve findability as it allows your website customers to easily navigate through different pages and find exactly what they are looking for. This article walks you through the details of enabling Breadcumbs in your store.

1. From your Shoplazza admin > Online Store > Themes , click on Customize on your target theme.

2. Switch over to Theme settings > EXTRAS.

3. Enable the Show breadcrumbs button as needed.


The breadcrumbs settings will affect the collection page, product page, blog page, search page, and checkout page.

By following the above steps, you can easily enable the Breadcrumbs in your store. This will enable you to improve your findability, making it easier for your customers to locate themselves in your store and enhancing their shopping experience.

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