V2.4.5 Version Update

1. 【Update】New payment channel: Afterpay

Usage scenario:

  • We have integrated with Afterpay for merchants who wish to offer buy-now-pay-later services through Afterpay/Clearpay. Once activated on the channel management page, buyers can use Afterpay/Clearpay to make payments. We also support express checkout with Afterpay/Clearpay, and add promotional information to product detail pages to boost conversions.

Usage path:

  • Log into your Shoplazza admin, click Settings > Payments > Add payment provider > search for Afterpay.

Feature introduction:

  • Display on the checkout page

  • Express checkout

When Afterpay checkout is activated, an "Express checkout" button will appear at the top of the checkout page.

Afterpay/Clearpay messaging

This function can display buy-now-pay-later information directly on the product details page, lowering the purchase threshold and promoting conversions.

Interface screenshot or GIF:

  • Video: How to activate the app
  • Video: How to enable Afterpay Express Checkout
  • Video: How to add Afterpay messaging to the PDP

1. Procedure details:Activate Afterpay/Clearpay

  • Enter the merchant ID/Secret Key provided by Afterpay and click Activate. After activation, you can see Afterpay/Clearpay in the payment list.

  • Please note, each account has specific currency and amount limitations. After activation, you can view these in the location indicated below. If a buyer's checkout information does not meet the following conditions, this payment method will not be displayed to the user.

2. Add Express checkout button.

3. Add Afterpay/Clearpay messaging to the product details page.

  • First, select Afterpay/Clearpay messaging on the payment channel page.

  • Once activated, enter the theme editor and go to the product details page section.

  • After adding the Afterpay/Clearpay messaging block, you can preview its effect on the right.

  • We also supports customized adjustments to icon style/font size/display position in the block settings.

2. 【Update】Grouping capability added to the content block of the Nova theme editor

Usage scenario:

  • Support for grouping functionality in content blocks is a breakthrough in this version of the theme editor. The main operation scenario is the product details page. Merchants can freely combine content blocks for display, which greatly expands the flexibility of page configuration.

Usage path:

  • Log into your Shoplazza admin, click Online Store > Themes > click Customize > switch to the product page > click Product details section card, and make corresponding grouping adjustments for content blocks.

Feature introduction:

  • Product details page: Supports the combination operation of "sales" and "product star rating" content blocks. There are two combination methods.

Manually create combinations:

  • Add a combination button to the right side of the content block that can be grouped. When the mouse hovers, the combinable content blocks are shown below. Click Combine to create a combination.

Automatically create combinations:

  • When the page already meets the combination conditions, the content blocks are automatically grouped when added. For example, if A and B can be combined, and A is already on the current page, then B will be automatically grouped when added.

Once combined:

  • The combination is displayed at a fixed position by default.
  • It is displayed in the default arrangement (up-down, left-right).


After Sales and Product star rating are combined, they are displayed side by side by default.

Interface screenshot or GIF:

  • Manually create combinations:

  •   Automatically create combinations:

Support for moving and sorting groups:

Content blocks within the group

  • Can be dragged up and down to adjust the order within the group.
  • If dragged out, it will default to no longer being bound to the group.

Content blocks outside the group

  • If this content block can be combined with the current group, it can be dragged into the combination. Otherwise, the combination will be shown in grey and cannot be dragged in.

When dragging the entire combination, the content blocks within the combination will move together.

Interface screenshot or GIF:

  •   Moving and sorting groups:

Supports disbanding operations on combinations, mainly in two ways:

One-click disband

  • Click Disband to disband the current group. After disbanding, the blocks will be displayed in ascending order vertically according to their order in the group.

Automatic disbanding

  • When only one block remains in the group, the group is automatically disbanded.

Interface screenshot or GIF:

  • Disbanding group:

  •   C-side style:

3. 【Optimization】Support merchants to correct the logistics providers matched by the tracking number

Background info:

  • After the merchant fills in the tracking number for the order, the system will use an algorithm to automatically match the logistics provider for the tracking number. However, since the algorithm itself cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, if there's a mismatch, it should allow for the merchant to correct the wrong logistics provider.
  • Currently, the logistics providers maintained in our system are fixed and saved, with a small number and low update frequency. This situation results in merchants being unable to correct the error (no options available) when they discover that the tracking number matches the wrong logistics provider. Moreover, with the wrong match of tracking number and logistics provider, we can't query tracking information from the tracking service platform.
  • Therefore, we connect the interface to external logistics service providers and regularly update the logistics provider list to ensure that merchants can successfully correct incorrect logistics provider selections and ensure successful tracking information retrieval.

Optimization objective:

  • To ensure accurate logistics tracking by allowing merchants to correct the wrong logistics provider associated with the tracking number.

Usage path:

  • Log into your Shoplazza admin, click Orders > All orders > Fulfilled > click the corresponding order > Edit tracking number and select the logistics provider.
  • Log into your Shoplazza admin, click Orders > All orders > Unfulfilled > click the corresponding order > click Fulfill the order > enter the tracking number and select the logistics provider.

Interface screenshot or GIF:


1. After filling in the tracking number, the logistics provider enumeration value is provided for the merchant to select.The enumeration value consists of fixed enumeration of Others + algorithm matching logistics provider + list of other logistics providers.

  • The logistics provider that is matched by the algorithm is selected by default.
  • If the merchant thinks that the logistics provider is incorrect, he can click on the drop-down box to search and select the correct logistics provider.
  • Click fixed enumeration Others: Support merchants to manually enter the logistics provider name and logistics link.

4. 【Optimization】Adjustment of default generation rules for Order ID and Order number

Background info:

  • The current backend system generates order IDs by default using an incremental sequence (i.e., from 00000000-99999999). When the order ID is generated incrementally, external personnel can obtain user information in the order through scripts, which can easily lead to user information leakage. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the generation of order IDs to use random numbers.

Optimization objective:

  • For data security and user privacy protection.

Usage path:

  • Log into your Shoplazza admin, click Settings > Store information > Order ID and number.

Interface screenshot or GIF:

1. The order ID is adjusted from the default store ID + order number to store ID + system-generated random number.

2. The order number is adjusted from the default 8-digit number generated in ascending sequence to the default randomly generated 3 English letters + 5-digit number.

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