How do I write an appeal letter for my suspended GMC account?

If you're facing a suspension in your Google Merchant Center (GMC) account, crafting a well-structured appeal letter is an important step. This letter is your chance to clarify the situation, present your case, and highlight your commitment to resolving these inaccuracies. The effectiveness of your appeal can significantly influence GMC's decision, making it an essential tool in safeguarding your rights and the reputation of your business.

Additionally, to assist you further, we have a template available here. This template can serve as a starting point, helping you structure your appeal in a professional and coherent manner.

Guidelines for writing an appeal letter

1. Honesty and directness

  • Acknowledge any mistakes, showing GMC your honesty and regret. Addressing inaccuracies directly is more effective than attempting to conceal them.

2. Detailed explanation and evidence

  • Given the complexity of inaccuracies, it's important to provide a comprehensive explanation supported by evidence such as product photos, customer feedback, and other relevant documentation.

3. Professional Language and Tone

  • Ensure your appeal is written in a polite and professional tone. The letter should be clear, concise, and correctly formatted, avoiding emotional or aggressive language to maintain constructive communication.

Highlight company qualifications and changes made

  • Company Profile: Provide key information about your company, including founding date, business model, product range, and funding status.
  • Business License: Attach images of your business license and registration, ensuring they match your GMC address.
  • Photos: Include photographs of your factory, warehouse, and office, especially those displaying your website logo or trademark.
  • Advertising History: Document your past advertising activities with corresponding platform URLs.
  • Verification Using Third-Party Platforms: If you have stores on platforms like Amazon or Tmall, provide links and backend screenshots showing consistency in logos and trademarks.
  • Contracts with Overseas Warehouses: If relevant, include agreements with overseas warehouses.
  • Brand Authorization: Provide authorization letters if you are selling under another company's brand.
  • News/PR: Enhance your website’s credibility with related PR articles or influencer endorsements.

Actions taken for rectification

  • Clearly explain the circumstances that led to the inaccuracies and outline the steps taken to correct them, showing your proactive efforts to prevent future issues.

Drafting an effective appeal letter for GMC involves clearly presenting the facts, honestly explaining your situation, and providing ample evidence and documentation of your corrective actions. A sincere apology to GMC, along with a promise of ongoing improvement, is essential. Utilize our appeal template to help structure your appeal. This guide is intended to support you through this process, aiming to aid in the reinstatement of your GMC account.

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