Promotional Images for the Boost Theme

Promotional images are vital tools that boost your business's visibility and differentiate it from competitors. By setting up a dedicated section, you can effectively highlight and communicate about your products. This guide is perfect for those seeking to enhance product promotion and clearly showcase their offerings.

Creating a promotional images section

1. From your Shoplazza admin > Online Store > Themes , click on Add theme. To create a new Boost theme, select Customize or use existing Boost theme template.

2. In the default Boost template, click Add section.

3. Find the Promotional images section and configure your settings.

4. If you would like to reposition the Promotional images section, use the Drag indicator to place it anywhere on the layout.

5. Click the section title to adjust its settings.

Section Paddings

1. The padding editor lets you add extra space around your created section. Click the linkage icon and enter a pixel value to add uniform padding, or deactivate the icon to adjust each side individually. This tool helps you tailor your section's buffer zones for a cleaner layout.

2. The screenshot below is an example of using 50px spacing on each side.

3. Here, you can select to preview on desktop or mobile.

Setting up the promotional image section

1. Click on the section title for options to modify each block. Currently, you have two separate blocks. To adjust your settings, simply select each block.

2. Assign an image file for this block and display it in the preview screen.

3. The Image alignment menu helps you adjust where your photos should be placed for better fitting.


Image alignment is only enabled when layout style is set to Overlay.

4. Use the Button link menu to guide your customers to different pages.

5. The Layout menu changes image and text interaction. You have three layout choices: Image above, Image below and Overlay.

6. Use color options to adjust contrast and personalize your theme's appearance.


Edit your displayed text in the Heading and Subheading columns.


1. Create a message in the button text to enable the optional button.

2. Assign page content to your button and redirect customers.

3. There are 3 additional button layout settings you can choose to customize the look of your buttons.

Highlighting your product's strengths and services through promotional images can draw more attention to your business. Utilizing engaging photos and special deals can drive additional traffic. This strategy allows for increased visibility with less written content.

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