The checkout tab is where you can manage and make adjustments to your store's checkout settings and optimize customers' shopping experience. 

To find your checkout tab, please refer to your Shoplazza Admin > Settings > Checkout

Login request

1. The Login request limits the eligibility to make purchases in your store.


Customers with or without registered customer accounts are entitled to complete purchases:

  • By enabling this feature, you are allowing any customer to checkout in your store and complete their purchases.

Purchase with membership:

  • By enabling Purchase with membership, checkout will only be made available for customers with registered accounts in your store. Customers without an account in your store cannot access the checkout portal and will not be able to make a purchase.

Inventory deduction

Choosing this option may result in inaccurate inventory values when your customer abandons their checkout" or " decides to abandon their checkout.


  • When creating an order: The system will deduct the inventory as soon as an order is created. This mechanism effectively prevents a product from being oversold.


Errors may occur when you decide to choose this option if a customer decides to abandon their checkout.

  • When placing an order: The system will deduct the inventory when an order is completed. This mechanism prevents your inventory from being occupied by incompleted checkouts.

This will reflect your actual inventory.

Inventory verification

When some of your products sell faster than your other products, managing your inventory may present its challenges. Inventory verification ensures your products are legitimate and in stock as they appear to your customers.mceclip3.png

  • Do not verify the inventory status:

Customer can complete their orders even if a product has been removed, or is not available within your store.

  • Verify the inventory status:

Customers can't complete an order if items have been removed, or are not available in your store.

Checkout page

mceclip4.pngOne-page checkout: One-page checkout is the fastest and most straightforward checkout solution for your customers. It asks for all the necessary information to prepare an order on a single page. 

This layout works well with:

  • COD payment

Standard checkout page: The Standard checkout process values attention to detail and reliability. Required information will be separated into 3 sections and filled out on different pages.

This layout works well with:

  • PayPal

Coupon fields

Manage how you would like to display your coupon information.mceclip5.png

Show on all of the checkout pages

  • This option displays the coupon information on all of the checkout pages.

Show on the payment page only

  • This option displays the coupon information only on the payment page

Hide in the payment page

  • This option will display the coupon information on all pages except the payment page

Hide in all of the checkout pages

This option will not show any coupon information during the checkout process

Post code/Zip validation

Post code/Zip validation is the process of checking a postal address to make sure the ZIP is valid and matches the location of the address. Toggle on/off to validate zip code from the selected countries/regions before an order is submitted.


Automatic order cancellation

Automatic order cancellation automatically cancels all the pending orders and spam orders after a set amount of time.


Form options

Manage the way you collect customer information at checkout.


Taxpayer Identification Number

A Taxpayer Identification Number is an identifying number used for tax purposes in the United States and other countries under the Common Reporting Standard. Enable this feature to collect Tax ID information at customer checkout for tax-paying purposes.


Special instructions

Add a note section to the payment pages and collect any special instructions from your customers.

Unfold: This will display the Special instructions section.


Folded:  This will minimize the Special instructions section. Customers would have to click the expand icon (+) to show the text box.


Hidden: This will disable the Special instructions section.


Additional scripts

Copy and paste code snippets in the additional scripts section to set up conversion tracking for your website.



Only completed orders are considered as successful conversions. If you are using Google Ads, please refer to here on Google to set up your Google tag for tracking.

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